A night of unicycle hockey

Unicycles and hockey: two things Amy Briggs had never thought about together. But unicycle hockey is a fast-paced game that involves people belting into each other at high speed; and a form of transportation – that she thought – was reserved only for clowns and people who do crazy parkour videos on YouTube.Continue readingA night of unicycle hockey

Today’s solution and tomorrow’s problem

When Matt Dutkiewicz was hospitalised after fighting the 2003 bushfires at Uriarra Crossing, he thought his brother had died trying to save the family home in Duffy. Now, as Matt reflects on his experience of the fires nearly 20 years on, the ACT Government is considering further expansion of the same western edge he saw burn in 2003 to grapple with the unfolding housing crisis in Canberra.Continue readingToday’s solution and tomorrow’s problem

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be … Done?

Since 1901, Parliamentary sittings have been opened with a reading of the Lord’s Prayer. Many view the prayer as a symbolic part of Australia’s history – one that provides ‘comfort and inspiration’ to those who choose to join, and is harmless to those who do not. Others argue that the shift in Australia’s religious identity, towards a dominantly non-Christian population, calls for a shift in our parliamentary practices.Continue readingThy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be … Done?

Midnight Oil rocks Canberra one last time

Fellows Oval at ANU was the scene of Midnight Oil’s final ever performance in Canberra on Saturday, 1 October. The concert was their second-last live show ever, and boy did it go off. The Owl’s Anthony Lewsam was there.Continue readingMidnight Oil rocks Canberra one last time

Trevor Dickinson x MOAD: from bus shelters to Prime Ministers

If you voted in the 2022 Federal Election at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MOAD), you probably enjoyed the work of Newcastle-based artist, Trevor Dickinson. Voters at MOAD this year were treated to a show bag containing a badge, sticker, and postcard designed by the artist, and encountered interactive experiences while queuing.Continue readingTrevor Dickinson x MOAD: from bus shelters to Prime Ministers

ACT cat containment laws

Cats have been loved by humans for thousands of years. They were first domesticated in China to handle pests, but in Australia, cats have become a pest themselves. A single housecat can be responsible for 186 native animal deaths a year. If they’re fat white fluffy pet cats or straggly strays; the unfortunate truth is that cats have a hugely negative impact on Australia’s native wildlife. Canberra is at the forefront of change.Continue readingACT cat containment laws

The impact of COVID-19 on Canberra nursing students

As we enter our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that burnout has occurred within the nursing industry across Australia. But how has it affected student nurses entering the nursing industry?Continue readingThe impact of COVID-19 on Canberra nursing students

Live music after lockdown

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been brutal for Australian musicians. A survey by I Lost My Gig Australia revealed that over 32,000 events were canceled during July and August 2021 alone resulting in $94 million in lost income for the Australian music industry. What is the state of live music after two years of lockdowns and misery for musos in the nation’s capital, and should more have been done?Continue readingLive music after lockdown

Indigenous incarceration in the ACT

At the time of writing, there were 383 people locked up in the ACT prison, the Alexander Maconochie Centres. While a quarter of those incarcerated identify as Indigenous, the ABS estimates that only 1.9% of the ACT population is Indigenous. In January, the ACT Council of Social Services and Winunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health and Community Services released a joint statement expressing concern at the high representation of Indigenous people in the AMC.Continue readingIndigenous incarceration in the ACT

Federal Election 2022: Division of Bean

Named after official correspondent to the Australian Imperial Force in World War I, Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean, the electorate covers 1,913 square kilometres of the ACT in total. The division includes areas within Canberra like Tuggeranong, Stromlo and parts of Weston Creek, Woden and Molonglo Valley. It also covers Booth, Coree, the Cotter River, Mount Clear, Paddy’s River, Rendezvous Creek, Tennent and Jerrabomberra in wider ACT, as well as Norfolk Island.Continue readingFederal Election 2022: Division of Bean