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TACT is an educational and accessible podcast series about sex, sexual health, our bodies and identities, and mental health. In each episode, host Jen Seyderhelm joins in conversation with a range of guests who offer judgement-free advice, insight and information relevant to the lives of all young adults.

TACT is made possible thanks to a YWCA and Beyond Bank grant, and with the support of Women’s Health Matters, the voice for women’s health and wellbeing in the ACT; and Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT. The series is produced in partnership with The Owl at the University of Canberra.

You can share your thoughts, ideas and feedback by email (tactpodcast@gmail.com) or via the TACT podcast Facebook page.

Our theme song is Satisfied Minds by the fabulous Canberra band Miroji.

If anything we’ve talked about has raised concerns for you, there are many free support services you can reach out to for help, including:

13 11 14
Online chat

(1800 737 732)
Online chat

(13 92 76)
Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander support service

About the host
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Jen Seyderhelm started professionally in radio more than 20 years ago as an announcer and later a producer, journalist, news reader and sports commentator. She is currently the Co-Ordinator for Rebus Theatre’s (Theatre For Social Change) Project Alchemy.

Jen teaches podcast, broadcast and audio production skills to federal, state and ACT governments, business and arts organisations, schools and TAFE. She was a member of the judging panel for the 2021 Australian Podcast Awards.

With a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University, a Certificate IV in Music Industry Skills, Counselling Diploma and Training and Assessment Certificate IV, Jen loves communication and storytelling. In 2021, she created an Australian first Certificate II in Podcasting Foundations taught nationally through the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

Jen’s previous work includes 20/40 and One Hit Wonderful, a countdown of one hit wonders in Australia.

Jen Seyderhelm has been married for 20 years (her love story is epic), has two teenage boys, a healthy caffeine and music trivia addiction, and owns the bestest dog in the world.

Season preview

In this TACT season preview, Jen chats with University of Canberra students at a Faculty of Arts and Design morning tea about sex, dating, bodies, pronouns and more! The first full episode of TACT will hit your podcast feed in a couple of weeks.

Being an advocate for yourself

In this episode, Jen Seyderhelm is joined by TACT collaborator Jodie Kirkness to talk about how you can be your own best health advocate. Jodie is a journalist at Women’s Health Matters and a promoter of patient self-advocacy. At age 17, Jodie was diagnosed with a high-grade malignant Phyllodes tumour that resulted in five weeks of intensive radiation and a radical mastectomy. She chose not to tell people what she was going through, including many of her family and friends. Now at 24, Jodie is a passionate health advocate for both herself and others.

Many people often feel intimidated, confused and overwhelmed when visiting their doctor and navigating the healthcare system. Jen and Jodie discuss how to combat these issues by advocating for yourself and knowing your rights as a patient. They share tips for seeking appropriate health care, accessing health information, resolving health issues and identifying available treatment options. They discuss how to become an active participant in your healthcare journey by creating an open dialogue with your doctor and giving feedback to ensure you are receiving quality care. Knowing how to advocate for yourself protects your rights and ensures that you are heard.

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