Gender identity and pronouns

Jen and Dr Vik Fraser posing in the UCFM studio

“Never be ashamed, and never tone it down, because your visibility has the ability to save lives.”

Dr Vik Fraser

This episode of TACT is about gender identity and pronouns. Jen Seyderhelm’s guest is Dr Vik Fraser, Executive Director of A Gender Agenda. Jen and Vik talk about being intersex or endosex, why it isn’t up to you to dead name someone, unisex toilets, how to approach pronoun conversations, the four steps to being an active bystander, and how we can be an ally with members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

Dr Vik Fraser behind the mic in the UCFM studio

After the record button was turned off, Vik spoke about joy. The joy that they have witnessed when you feel that you are now expressing who you are inside, finding your tribe, and feeling safe to be yourself. This episode supports that joy and visibility.

Gender identity and pronouns

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