Respectful relationships

Dr Sheridan Kerr and Jen posing in the UCFM studio

Respectful relationships – both romantic and platonic – are an important part of a healthy life. These connections are critical for both our mental and physical health, and they have the ability to bring out the best in us. Unfortunately, so many of us aren’t taught how to start and maintain healthy relationships and are often exposed to examples of unhealthy or abusive relationships during our childhood.

Dr Sheridan Kerr behind the mic in the UCFM studio

In this episode of TACT, Jen is joined by Dr Sheridan Kerr, who is a Senior Director at Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT, to talk about how to build and maintain respectful relationships with the people in our lives. Dr Kerr and Jen discuss the qualities of a healthy relationship, signs of abusive behaviour and how to improve communication with your loved ones. It is important that you feel safe, seen and comfortable in all your relationships, and work on practicing open and honest communication. Recognising areas within yourself that need improvement is also fundamental to building long-term and fulfilling relationships with your friends, family and partners.

Respectful relationships

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