Contraception, pregnancy and babies

Jen posing with Susan Johnson outside the UCFM studio

Contraception works to prevent pregnancy and some methods can also protect yourself and others from contracting a sexually transmitted infection. You may have heard about condoms, the pill, the implant (aka “the rod”) or you may not. The list of contraception options is extensive and can appear overwhelming. Talking to a medical professional can help you work out what the best option is for you and your circumstances. There is no “right” contraception for everyone and what suits you now may not suit you at a different phase of your life.

While using contraception helps to greatly reduce the chance of pregnancy, there is always a risk. Up to one-third of Australian women will experience an unplanned pregnancy in their lifetime, and more than half of these women were using at least one form of contraception at the time. After seeing a positive pregnancy test you may experience a myriad of different emotions such as excitement or fear. And then after the dust has settled, the next question to cross your mind is, “Well, what do I do next?” In Australia, women have access to medical and support services if they choose to have a baby, or they have the option to terminate a pregnancy if they wish to do so. Whether a woman decides to continue or terminate a pregnancy, the choice is hers to make.

In this episode of TACT, Jen is joined by Senior Learning Co-ordinator for CCCares, Susan Johnson, to talk about contraception, pregnancy and having a baby. CCCares is a unique program offering education and support services for pregnant teenagers and young parents in the ACT. Susan shares some important tips from CCCares students and parents around the value of sleep, asking for help and putting on a boy’s nappy versus a girls. Jen and Susan discuss the struggles and joy that pregnancy can bring as well as advice for new parents. Pregnancy can be a wonderful or overwhelming time, and no two pregnancies are the same. There are a range of options available to pregnant women to support them during their journey, and whatever a woman decides to do with her pregnancy is her decision.

Episode producers: Sarah Grieb and Haidyn Vecera

Contraception, pregnancy and babies

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