Listening to First Nations Voices – episode 12

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The Listening to First Nations Voices podcast was developed to educate people on Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing, and to inspire awareness and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness Aboriginal people bring to Australia. The idea for this series came from Associate Professor Samia Goudie who is passionate about Indigenous people and culture and is attempting to expand people’s knowledge on the subject and start a conversation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Joining us on this episode is Wendy Sommerville, a Jerrinja woman and a lecturer at the University of Canberra who has worked within the Indigenous community. Wendy discusses COVID-19 and the vaccination program, including the treatment of the Indigenous population in the ACT and around Australia during the pandemic. We touch on vaccine hesitancy in the Indigenous community and where the government might have gone right or wrong with the vaccine rollout.

Meet the producers of this episode:

Acacia Simmons
Hello! Acacia here, I am a non-Indigenous second year film student (2021) currently studying at the University of Canberra. I have a passion for telling stories, and helping others to tell the story they would like to tell through the audio-visual format. Indigenous affairs are something that I am passionate about and wish to bring to the forefront of the discussion on the current pandemic. I have used this opportunity to research the Indigenous perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2021 and the vaccine rollout.

Seth Arnould
Hello, I’m Seth and I am a non-Indigenous student from Canberra and I’m second year student (2021) studying a Bachelor of Arts (digital media) at the University of Canberra. I was keen to work on this project because I was able to learn more about creating a podcast and learning more about the Aboriginal community and how they have gone with the current pandemic. The working on project also showed me how things can change in the environment and adapt to the current situation, by basically doing everything online.

Thomas Quinn
Hey! I am a non-Indigenous student who has a passion for all forms of digital media. I study at UC, and I am in my second year of studies doing a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media. This podcast is the first podcast that I have had the privilege to work on. This podcast expanded my knowledge with the Indigenous population and the COVID-19 vaccine, I previously haven’t had much experience in either of these topics.

Music: Sparks by Chael

Sound: Kinoton, Deep Whoosh #2

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