Listening to First Nations Voices

The Listening to First Nations Voices podcast was developed to educate people on Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing, and to inspire awareness and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness Aboriginal people bring to Australia. The idea for this series came from Associate Professor Samia Goudie who is passionate about Indigenous people and culture and is attempting to expand people’s knowledge on the subject and start a conversation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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Episode 1

In episode 1, we speak with Associate Professor Goudie about where she’s from, NAIDOC week, and what inspired her to start Listening to First Nations Voices.

Episode 2

In this episode we speak with Professor Peter Radoll who is the Dean of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership and Strategy at the University of Canberra. He talks about where he came from, his experiences as an Indigenous person, and his role at the University of Canberra.

Episode 3

This episode features Wendy Sommerville who is a lecturer of Indigenous issues and an academic at the University of Canberra. She talks about where she’s from, her people and other topics.

Episode 4

In this episode we speak to Lisa Fuller who is an award winning author, editor and publisher. She talks about her experiences and life as an Aboriginal woman.

Episode 5

This episode features Dr Paul Collis and Dr Wayne Applebee talking about their connection to country, family history, bloodlines, laws, politics and social culture. As well the future of Indigenous Nations and the environment.

Episode 6

This episode features Ashley Harrison and Wendy Somerville who teach into the recently introduced Indigenous Minor at the University of Canberra. This edition of the podcast, which is presented in two parts, was facilitated by Aleara Pearce.

Part one

Part two

Episode 7

In this episode, we explore the creation and implementation of the Ngunnawal gardens at the University of Canberra, and learn about native plants, traditionally used by the Ngunnawal people. The garden was created with the help of Adam Shipp; an Indigenous plant expert; Aunty Ros, the elder in residence at UC; Rich Allen, an Indigenous artist; as well as Valerie Caron and Will Higgisson, who were both working at UC and helped during the garden’s inception. For this edition of the podcast Aleara Pearce interviewed Valarie and Will over the phone.

Episode 8

In this episode we were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Indya Hayes, founder of The Minority Co. Hayes felt compelled to contribute something to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and energise the BLM cause amongst her friends, family and in her local Australian community. After posting her self-made statement jumpers on her personal Instagram, she had an influx of questions on how/where to buy them. Instagram launched her pro-BLM sentiments from a small circle of like-minded people onto a large platform where Hayes can provide commentary, educational reframing and resources in connection to recognising BLM as well as Indigenous lives, voices and narratives.

Episode 9

In this episode, we present the opinions of young Indigenous Australians who are all users of social media to gain an understanding of how social media can be used to contextualise the BLM movement in Australian society. In particular, we asked how they perceived societal dynamics and if they are an accurate reflection of the Australian community.

Episode 10

In this episode of the Listening to First Nations Voices podcast, we speak to Marina Martinello who is in charge of the Indigenising the Curriculum Framework at UC. The Indigenising the Curriculum Framework aims to embed Indigenous Ways of Knowing across all Courses and Units at UC. Marina talks about the program and its implementation, and her hopes for its future.

Episode 11

In this episode, we continue to explore UC’s Indigenising the Curriculum Framework, which aims to increase Indigenous content at UC by embedding Indigenous Ways of Knowing into all courses. For more information about the Framework, check out Episode 10’s interview with Marina Martiniello. For this episode, we surveyed Indigenous students at UC and asked about their experiences with the Framework. We then spoke with Jenaya Gibbs-Muir, an Indigenous student at UC, and discussed our survey results with her.

Episode 12

Joining us on this episode is Wendy Sommerville, a Jerrinja woman and a lecturer at the University of Canberra who has worked within the Indigenous community. Wendy discusses COVID-19 and the vaccination program, including the treatment of the Indigenous population in the ACT and around Australia during the pandemic. We touch on vaccine hesitancy in the Indigenous community and where the government might have gone right or wrong with the vaccine rollout.