Listening to First Nations Voices – episode 10

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The Listening to First Nations Voices podcast was developed to educate people on Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing, and to inspire awareness and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness Aboriginal people bring to Australia. The idea for this series came from Associate Professor Samia Goudie who is passionate about Indigenous people and culture and is attempting to expand people’s knowledge on the subject and start a conversation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

In this episode of Listening to First Nations Voices, we speak to Marina Martinello who is in charge of the Indigenising the Curriculum Framework at UC. The Indigenising the Curriculum Framework aims to embed Indigenous Ways of Knowing across all Courses and Units at UC. Marina talks about the program and its implementation, and her hopes for its future.

This episiode was produced by a passionate team of young professionals studying at UC.

Daniel Chudleigh
Visual Communication

Lucy Monaghan
Creative Writing

Gabrielle Gregoire

Tim Cross

Alexandra Mackay
Interaction Design

Clare Douch
Heritage, Museums and Conservation

Music: Sparks by Chael

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