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Justin Bieber’s Justice Tour: what to expect

Justin Bieber will be returning to the global main stage of concert touring with his stomping, special guests, and song dedications.

Photo of Justin Bieber's Purpose Album with earphones.
The ‘Purpose’ album

After 5 years and 2 albums of no album tours, Justin will be stopping over to Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane in November and December of 2022.

Bieber was last on tour in 2017 for his Purpose album. Since then he has collaborated with artists like Ariana Grande, The Kid LAROI, Giveon, and many more. He has also released his Changes and Justice albums while making appearances and one-off concerts here and there.

Photo of hand holding a microphone.

The Justice Tour was set for the year 2020 but has since been delayed twice and is finally on schedule for 2022. Bieber’s latest and previous venture was ‘The Freedom Experience’ concert.

The Freedom Experience was to end and celebrate 1DayLA’s week-long initiative to mobilise around 20,000 volunteers who’ll help organise city beautification projects, back-to-back school events, free medical clinics, homeless assistance, and aid distribution.

Held in the SoFi Stadium on July 24th of 2021, Bieber headlined the show along with features like Tori Kelly, Jaden Smith, Chance the Rapper, and more.

This concert was about celebrating the service people have given to others in need. While people watched the show in person and through limited online streaming access.

Photo of hand playing guitar.

Bieber’s Justice tour will be a showcase and celebration, spotlighting his most recent albums and his most iconic songs. It is an overdue celebration of his Changes and Justice Albums.

The following will list the expectations for this tour from the setlist, special guests, performance, production, and overall experience.

What To Expect

Setlist & Special Guests

Bieber will definitely be showcasing his Justice album songs (of course) and giving limelight to his Changes album.

Don’t forget his iconic songs like Baby, Boyfriend, What Do You Mean, and Sorry which he has performed in his Northern American leg of the tour, and may be a part of the Australian lineup.

In his North American tour Jaden Smith, Eddie Benjamin, TEO, and Harry Hudson have been opening his shows.

Unfortunately, these artists have only been announced as the official features for the North American leg of the tour. So it looks like we’ll miss out on a performance of ‘Never Say Never’ by Bieber and Smith.

But, Bieber also has popular collaborations with The Kid LAROI who is an Australian and maybe a surprise guest for the Australian tour.

Photo of a hand adjusting the levels of a soundboard.

Sheppard has also previously opened for Bieber and they may likely come back onto the Justice stage.

The special guests for the Australian leg of the tour are yet to be announced.

Performance & Production

Bieber will be bringing his stomping, stank face, and dance moves to the floor which you may have already seen online.

He has prepared some polished dance choreography with backup dancers to accompany him. While we will also see him leading the crowd with his solo freestyle moves.

There will be a big stage production including visual effects on the big screen, beaming lights, elevated platforms for dancing, smoke machines, and a fake bus stop for Bieber to sing his heart out in.

We may also see a sweet dedication from Bieber to his wife when he performs ‘Anyone’. What would be cool is if we see Hailey Bieber amongst the crowd. Seeing her cringe and get giddy when Bieber dedicates the song to her with all their photos in the background.

I might be – if not equally – but more excited if this happens than the actual concert.


Bieber has definitely attracted a crowd of screaming girls throughout his career.

Well, if you saw Bieber in real life I think any of us would be screaming.

Teenage dreams – ticked off.

Photo of 'What Do U Mean' lyrics being written with Purpose album songlist in background.
The ‘Purpose’ album

Be sure to polish up on your lyric memorisation of his songs. You may be surrounded by a sea of voices belting to all the songs while you’re still screaming.

With Bieber’s stomping alone, that’s all it takes for you to dance along too or maybe laugh. Either way, you’ll be enjoying yourself.

Miraculously, I will be seeing the Biebs in Sydney. For all the times Baby played, seeing the JB haircut on boys, and thinking how cool it would be to watch him perform live – I’ll actually be seeing him in November.

I and a few thousand other people will be seeing him in real life. I’m already internally screaming.

Original photos by Erielle Manlulu