Thursday 30 March, 2023

On today’s menu cooked up by Anthony Lewsam, Ruby Thomas, Haidyn Vecera, Grace Dudley, Maddi Green and Zac Dowdell: ☕️ News ☕️ Refugees ☕️ Pill testing ☕️ Ultimate frisbee ☕️ Flower Market ☕️ And more!Continue readingThursday 30 March, 2023

Refugees face unequal opportunities in Australian sports

Refugee and migrant families settling in Australia face a hurdle of difficulties in participating in Australian sport. Many families without long term certainty, permanency and stable employment find it very hard to afford sports membership fees to play in Australia. This creates a lack of equal opportunities for refugees to participate in Australian sports.Continue readingRefugees face unequal opportunities in Australian sports

Challenges of migrant children in Australia

Australia is a popular re-settlement destination for many immigrants, refugees and migrant families. As a developed country, Australia provides families with better social and economic opportunities and an affordable high-quality standard of living. But have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of immigrant children?Continue readingChallenges of migrant children in Australia