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Top 10 most shocking moments from ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

Content warning: this story discusses domestic violence, physical violence, harassment, mental ill health, and death.

It also contains lots of spoilers!

Poster image for season 2 of TV Show Euphoria. Image provided by @Euphoria Instagram.

Euphoria is a globally popular TV show depicting modern themes that resonate with mature audiences. With the success of the second season, the show has averaged a whopping 16.3 million views per episode.

Throughout season 2, there were many notable moments that had us gasping while sitting on the edge of their seats.

To find out what shocked viewers the most, I ran several polls on my Instagram stories to see what my fellow Euphoria followers thought of these moments.

These are the results.

10. Kat breaks up with Ethan

Instagram Poll created by author Cara Ginnan. Poll depicts results showing 13% of viewers voted Kat breaking up with Ethan was shocking. Compared to 87% of viewers voting Jules cheating on Rue to be more shocking.

Season 2 Episode 6: ‘A Thousand Little Trees of Blood’. 

In this episode, viewers are provided with an intense and shocking moment between two beloved characters – Kat and her boyfriend Ethan.

The scene starts innocently as the couple enjoy each other’s company out on a date. However, it soon becomes apparent that tensions between the two lovebirds are rising, leaving the audience feeling very unsure about what is going to transpire.

Dropping a major bombshell, Kat decides to blatantly lie to her boyfriend Ethan about having a terminal brain disorder.

Her total lack of empathy towards Ethan adds to the shocking moment that arguably becomes the most shocking scene in the whole episode. Fans of the show are left feeling taken off-guard and with no real indication that this would be the end of Kat and Ethan’s relationship.

It is safe to say that in episode six, viewers see a darker side to Kat’s character than ever before.

9. Maddy’s Revenge

Season 2 Episode 8: ‘All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name’.

As it turns out Maddy’s character isn’t ‘all talk’ after all. 

In a scene that quickly escalates, Maddy finally shows her violent side in episode eight. 

While we all knew Lexi’s play was going to stir up some drama, Maddy’s anger rises to an alarming rate as she witnesses Cassie try to ruin the production of the play. Viewers see Maddy informing Kat that ‘She (Cassie) needs to be put down,’ and proceeds to take off her stilettos to chase Cassie. 

In a dramatic change of scene from the school amphitheater to the dark and empty East Highland High School corridors, Maddy catches the terrified Cassie. All viewers can do is flinch as Maddy grabs a fistful of Cassie’s hair and throws her against a wall.

I guess Maddy has made the message loud and clear, don’t mess with Lexi or herself for that matter.

8. Rue exposes Cassie for sleeping with Nate

Instagram poll results. Poll created by author Cara Ginnan.
Poll represents that viewers voted Rue exposing Cassie for sleeping with Nate to be 39% shocking, compared to 61% voting for Ashtray's death to be more shocking.

Season 2, Episode 5: ‘Stand Still Like the Hummingbird’.

It seems Rue will do anything to avoid the attention of others, this time moving the spotlight to Cassie, Maddy and Nate.

In an episode that already had the audiences emotions heightened due to Rue’s ongoing rampage, no one could have foreseen the escalated events that were about to transpire.

As we all knew, Cassie had indulged in a secret relationship with her best friend’s ex-boyfriend. However, the audience has been left wondering what the consequences of Cassies actions would be if the rest of the friendship group found out, let alone if Maddy was to ‘catch wind’ of it.

This scene shocked audiences as Rue unexpectedly exposes Cassie for sleeping with Nate and her treacherous display of friendship toward Maddy. Cassie and Maddy’s heightened reactions add chaos to the scene, leaving viewers sitting on the edge of their seats for this jaw dropping and scandalous turn of events.

7. Cassie upstages Lexi’s Play

Season 2, Episode 8: ‘All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name.’

‘Okay, well that makes me the villain, then so f***ing be it, I can play the f***ing villain’ – Cassie.

At this point in the series, fans can’t help but feel sorry for Cassie, especially after getting dumped by Nate at the end of the previous episode. Yet, many also feel disappointed in her for putting herself in that position and betraying her friend Maddy the way she did.

Cassie doesn’t let the audience settle into this emotional turn of events for long though, as she undoubtedly delivers one of the most memorable and shocking scenes audiences have witnessed so far.

Cassie ruins her sister Lexi’s play, a moment that had definitely been anticipated by many after events leading up to it in the previous episode.

Cassie’s profound and temperamental nature explodes, allowing viewers to finally witness just how ‘crazy’ Cassie claims she can be.

6. Cassie vomits in the hot tub

Instagram poll results. Poll created by author Cara Ginnan.
Poll represents that 43% of viewers thought Cassie vomiting in a hot tub was less shocking than Cal Jacobs urinating on the floor at 57%.

Season 2, Episode 4: ‘You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can’.

This is not your average ‘American hot tub party’ scene, that’s for sure.

As Maddy celebrates her birthday, audiences can’t help but keep their eyes on Cassie and Nate throughout the entire scene, due to their secret relationship.

Audiences watch as the characters all sit closely together in the hot tub, while Maddy and Nate discuss their on and off again relationship in front of the entire group.

Leaving fans feeling sick to their stomachs, Cassie projectile vomits all over Maddy and in the hot tub no less.

No one could have predicted that Cassie’s reaction to the couple’s not-so-private conversation was going to result in such a grotesque display.

Maybe now we will all think twice before hopping into a hot tub with drunk friends.

5. Elliot snitches on Rue

Season 2, Episode 5: Stand Still Like the Hummingbird’.

What was Elliot thinking.

As fans are aware, Rue makes a new friend named Elliot in the second season. The two portray similar characteristics which makes it seem like their bond will be unbreakable.

However, in this scene audiences are left in utter shock when they discover that Elliot was the one who ratted out Rue for relapsing.

The episode prompts us to question who Rue can trust and second guess her confessions to close friends.

With such a harsh revelation, audiences not only empathise with Rue in this scene but can almost feel the shocking betrayal by Elliot.

4. Cal urinates on the floor

Season 2, Episode 4: You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can’.

Cal’s really done it now.

Fans of the show are well aware that Cal Jacobs is no saint and definitely sucks at being a father and devoted husband.

But what fans could not have anticipated from Cal was an uncalled for outburst that resulted in childlike behaviour and a brutal confession.

And to top it all off, an uncensored view of Cal urinating on the floor definitely leaves viewers in a state of discomfort and disgust.

3. Ashtray’s Demise

Season 2, Episode 8: ‘All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned for a Thing I Cannot Name’.

Ashtray really is a ride or die character to say the least.

Watching a young (15 year old) kid risk his life for his ‘family’ has to be one of the most gut-wrenching storylines of the show.

Over the course of the two seasons, Ashtray has become a beloved character for most viewers of the show. Witnessing his demise had audience members reaching for tissues in shock.

Although viewers don’t quite see what actually happens to Ashtray, the episode implies that this is the end of his time on the show. Hopeful fans will be anxiously waiting for any news of Ashtrays fate in the next season of Euphoria.

2. Fez KO’s Nate

Instagram poll results. Poll created by author Cara Ginnan.
Poll represents 63% of viewers thought Fez knocking out Nate was more shocking than Maddy getting revenge on Cassie at 37%.

Season 2, Episode 1: Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door.

What do you get when you put beer and Fezco together? Nate Jacobs ending up in the emergency room.

Viewers are well aware of the animosity between the two main characters Fezco and Nate Jacobs. So, when this scene shows the two at a party together, you can’t help but wonder if something will transpire between them.

Throughout the episode we see Fezco staring over at Nate, while Lexi watches on. Our curiosity is sated as we see Fez approach Nate and to our surprise spark a seemingly civil conversation.

Surprised reactions quickly transition to shock as Fezco smashes a beer bottle over Nate Jacobs head, leading to a brutal fight between the two.

Although many would say that Nate’s character ‘had it coming’ because of the events leading up to the party, no one could have prepared themselves for how intense this scene really was.

This is an undoubtedly shocking and absolutely gruesome moment to say the least.

1. Jules cheats on Rue

Season 2, Episode 4: ‘You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can’.

For the whole first season of Euphoria, the show was focused on whether Rue and Jules would ever date. So in season 2, when Rue and Jules finally become a couple, it thrilled audiences.

Initially it was clear that Rue’s girlfriend Jules was not a fan of Rue’s new best friend Elliot. But to please Rue, Jules decides to give Elliot a chance to prove he is a decent guy. This is when things started to get out of hand.

The tension between Elliot and Jules soon starts becoming sexual, as Elliot gives Jules a ‘demonstration’ on how to please Rue.

Shock turns into outrage when the two characters kiss and almost sleep together, before they are abruptly interrupted by Rue.

To see Jules throw away her relationship with Rue by cheating with Elliot, has got to be the most disappointing and unexpected moment in Euphoria season 2.

Euphoria Season 2 definitely upped the ante when it came to producing shocking scenes for fans.

Jaw-dropping, soul-crushing, and cringe-worthy are all terms that can be used when reflecting on these scenes.

Overall, it is fair to say that each moment mentioned within this article left viewers with an array of emotions to comprehend after watching this season.

All polls were run by Cara Ginnan

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  • Blue Knot Foundation Helpline: Handles issues of complex trauma (childhood trauma and abuse for adults).
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