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The most powerful book of all – Hamish and Andy’s ‘Power Moves Vol. 2’

Power Move (noun): An act performed upon a person or persons to increase your status while simultaneously decreasing the target’s social rank (asshole move, common), or bring unexpected increased universal benefit to all (legend move, rare)
– Hamish and Andy

Power moves book sitting on a desk

Have you ever been made to feel inferior by a friend, family member, or colleague?

Have you always wanted to gain the upper hand on anyone that you meet?

Do you just want a coffee table book that is so heavy that it requires a fifth leg to support itself?

If either of those first two is you, then look no further.

With Hamish and Andy’s Power Moves book vol. 2 everything that you could possibly have dreamed of could come true.

To give you a sneak preview into the wonderful world that this book opens for its readers, four of the power moves included will be shown throughout this review.

Warning: If you do not think you have the capability to read these moves, please simply skip over these sections. Don’t close the tab or exit the webpage, however, just skip these sections until there comes a time when you feel like you can handle the power that they possess.

#18 – Keep It Up

When you’re working at home with a partner or a housemate, look over at their laptop or computer every now and then and say ‘Keep it up.’ It gives the impression that you’re their superior or some kind of coach’

– Alex, Hoddles Creek

Woman standing over a man who is working on a lap top. She says "keep it up".

I have personally used this power move to great success. Funny and original, ‘Keep it up’ has the ability to completely catch your unsuspecting victim off guard.

The key barometer when doing this move is, what would the response be by the victim?

In this situation, there is nothing that they can say that will make you not look like the person of power in that situation.

Its creation

In 2017 after years of doing commercial radio, Hamish and Andy announced that their time had come to retire. ‘The people’s show’, which had been running in various formats since 2003, was to end with a tour of their band ‘The Coolboys and the Frontman’.

With this announcement, many feared that we had heard the end of the pair.

There was ultimately nothing to fear, as shortly after “The people’s podcast” was announced.

First airing on the 28th February 2018, the podcast is a condensed version of their radio show. 40 minutes of pure action, released once a week on a Thursday, the very best that Hamish and Andy have to offer.

Along with a variety of segments brought from their radio days, the boys wanted to do something new. They wanted to find the best power moves that the world had ever heard.

The collation of power moves had begun, with 2 years of quality saved up with the intention of releasing a book.

On October 22nd 2020 the first book was debuted to the world, garnering rave reviews. Fans flocked to their online store, snapping up every last copy in a matter of weeks.

Despite the first book being touted as the comprehensive guide to the best power moves, more came trickling in.

It turned out that they had only just scratched the surface; thousands, if not millions of the most powerful moves known to mankind were still out there.

It was decided that a volume two was needed to preserve these moves for eternity, and with this the Hamish and Andy Power Moves Vol. 2 was born.

#41 – School Story

Tell your friend that you met someone who went to school with them, and throw out a common name. They will likely confirm that someone of that name went to their school, and might even throw out their surname. From there, follow up with, “Yeah, they told me you pissed your pants in assembly”

– Mike, Melbourne

Yet another power move that leaves the victim completely helpless.

If they try and deny the claim, you can easily say that you heard the story from someone else and that they are just being defensive.

If they admit to it then there is not a lot else to say. It is a true win-win for the facilitator. However, it is clearly an asshole move, so be aware of that when implementing.

Expect an act of revenge, potentially from this book, to be coming your way.

The Book Itself

Bound with only the best materials, this hardcover book is simply a thing of beauty. A matte finish on the front, packed in a premium delivery box. Only the very best could be used to encapsulate such power.

Described on the front page as ‘A Deluxe Coffee Table Book’, you can feel the ‘deluxeness’ as soon as you pick it up.

Whilst not ridiculously heavy, you can honestly feel the quality.

According to Hamish and Andy themselves, the book is:

‘A second catalogue of Power Moves so impressive, they boggle the mind. It’s a mammoth encyclopaedia of even more legendary and asshole-y tricks to help you gain the upper hand’

This description perfectly encapsulates exactly what you are going to get.

100 power moves (with a bonus one for good measure) cover the pages, with each perfectly illustrated by the great Grace West.

Some moves span two pages, whilst others only cover one, 188 pages of perfection.

As if the book wasn’t enough on its own, the last page holds a surprise.

Known simply as ‘Limited signature edition’, this page provides you with room to collect four signatures.

Power moves limited edition page

Of course, there is a space for Hamish and Andy as well as their sidekick Jack Post, however resting in the fourth position is room for the Queen B, Beyonce.

If you are able to get all four of their signatures you will receive an 8-coin Hamish and Andy coin, which is equivalent to the value of 8 bitcoins*.

(*according to Hamish and Andy)

Power moves signature page

So essentially you get the chance to earn over $100,000 (kind of) by just buying this book. Sounds like a bit of a bargain!

#42 – Nice Back-Up

When having a conversation with someone, ask them what they do for a living. When they tell you, follow up with “That’s my plan B!”

– Kevin, Toronto

Man and women are talking. Man says that he is a lawyer, woman says that that was her plan B.

This move immediately makes the people around you understand that you are so much more powerful than this person and that the thing that they have worked so hard for is simply your fallback option.

Beware, have something impressive to come back with depending on what their response is. You do not want to be left in a situation where you are pausing to think of something better than a doctor.

If in doubt, say you are an astronaut and just walk away.


On the second page, Hamish and Andy declare that ‘We hope you enjoy these new Power Moves as much as we have’.

If you have a comedic bone in your body, you will laugh the first time you read it and you will laugh on the 50th.

That’s just the nature of this book and the pair in general.

Whilst obviously an educational guide that will make your life better, it ultimately is just a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Sometimes in the world that we live in today, life can become too serious.

If you want to just take a step back and enjoy life, buy this book and give it a read.

You won’t regret it.

So, in the words of Hamish and Andy. …..

Hamish and Andy page with the words "We hope you enjoy these new Power Moves as much as we have. Go forth and use this power responsibly. Your pals, Hamish and Andy'

Click the link here to pre-order the book.

Bonus Move:

Congratulations. You have read this far and have unlocked a special bonus move, the 96th in the book. Read on, you have earned this!

#96 – Last Place You Look

If you’re helping someone look for something they’ve lost, shout out, “There it is!”. When they ask “Where?”, say “I’m just practicing for when I find it.”

– Tim, Brisbane

This is arguably one of the most ‘assholey’ moves known to humans. There is nothing worse than losing something important and rushing to find it.

One piece of advice, pick your time to use this one. Do not use this when you are rushing to the airport and are looking for a passport (unless you have a death wish).

Do use this when you are trying to find a lost a shoe or even their own copy of the Power Moves book