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The Inside and Out of Canberra’s Pixar Putt

Pixar Putt is the pop-up mini golf sensation inspired by the stories and characters from your favourite Pixar films. It made its premiere in the Territory on the 8th of April and ended on the 1st of May, perfectly timed for the school holidays.

It was located in Civic Square, just outside the Canberra Theatre, which made for an easy walk from the centre, with accessible parking.

Each of the 18 holes on the course and the obstacles within them correlated with different Pixar movie themes, including the likes of Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Cars, UP, The Incredibles, and more. You could choose to do just nine holes or experience the full 18 holes, which was highly recommended. 

With fun for all ages, Pixar Putt was the perfect idea for a date, night out with your friends, or something different to do with your family. 

There were “after dark” sessions available where adults, 18+, could enjoy local food and beverages.


As you entered the event, you were welcomed with vibrant colours, cheer all around, sound effects and cutesy Pixar music playing through the speakers. Entering the event at night with its bright lights was perfect for photos and the atmosphere. 

Pixar Putt was extremely lively and energetic with queues for most of the holes highlighting how popular this event was.

Although waiting for your next hole was necessary, it didn’t take away from the experience because the environment itself was entertaining and allowed time to chat with whoever you brought along.

Although promoted as a fun school holiday activity for kids to enjoy, some of the holes were challenging, even for the adults attending, which made for some friendly competition and laughs.

With different textured surfaces and angles, no hole was boring, with lots of variety provided. The course was flexible enough to mix and match which holes to play next if some were too busy to complete in chronological order.

Inspired by the movie UP, there was a hole in which you would hit the ball into the iconic house from the film. A staff member would be on standby to wind up the house, moving it to the second part of the hole ready for you to complete.

The creativity and interactivity was outstanding on the night. You could definitely see the effort and time put into making it a quality event.

The Toy Story hole featuring the mini aliens was entertaining as they mimicked the sounds they made in the movies. This provided a comical and creative aspect to the evening, as did many of the other holes.

Overall, the course took about 90 minutes, but it most certainly didn’t feel like it with the right company and the enjoyment experienced on the night.

Monsters, Inc. inspired hole

Life Like Touring has not yet announced their next location for Pixar Putt. However, they currently have Paw Patrol Live touring Australia so if this interests you, tickets can be purchased here.

Original photographs by Sonia Emanuel