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Not your average country club: the Lime Cordiale experience

Oliver and Louis from Lime Cordiale on stage at Port Panthers

Have you ever been to a country club? Well I bet you haven’t been to the Lime Cordiale Country Club.

You won’t find your traditional bingo or pokies, but it sure does promise good vibes and groovy music.

In their recent “Fantastical Country Club Experience” tour, Lime Cordiale certainly didn’t disappoint as they performed an intimate yet encapsulating show for all to enjoy.

Embarking on a regional Australia tour over the past few months, their Port Macquarie show over the Easter long weekend was filled with a mixture of old and new songs getting the crowd up and about singing and dancing along in elation.

An inviting cosy stage within the Port Panthers auditorium set a preface for the show that was to come.

Lime Cordiale's stage setup at Port Panthers

With exciting opening acts of Aleksiah and Coterie setting the stage, the crowd were active and engaged, eagerly waiting for Oliver and Louis from Lime Cordiale to present themselves.

Dressed with retro bolo ties to go with their eye-catching set, it added to the aesthetic

To open their concert, they played a hit song from their recent album “14 Steps To A Better You”, “No Plans to Make Plans”.

In that moment, the crowd could sense that a great show was to come as all the band members were dancing and getting the crow engaged.

Following up with some fan favourites of “Money” and “Can I Be Your Lover” to start the show, their stage presence felt very personable and welcoming.

Lime Cordiale with their band on stage

As the “Fantastical Country Club Experience” title implies, the band evoked a warm, inviting blend of easy listening and foot-tapping music to entertain everyone.

In the middle half of the show they played their recent hit songs of 2022 with the likes of “Country Club”, “Facts of Life” and their most recent song “Colin”.

With the helps of Lime Cordiale’s other band members, all five musicians captivated the listener with their high energy performances.

Lime Cordiale also treated their long time fans with some of their earlier music of “Not That Easy” and even their 2019 triple j Like A Version rendition of “I Touch Myself”.

After taking a momentary pause, the band built the hype as the concert was reaching its epiphany.

Oliver from Lime Cordiale singing in the microphone

Lime Cordiale certainly saved the best for last, performing three of their most popular songs which had everyone on their feet singing at the top of their lungs.

Performing “Waking Up Easy” and “Temper Temper” brought about a euphoric nature which had the crowd collectively swaying and jumping about.

The atmosphere reached an all time high as they played their most popular song, “Robbery” as everyone edged closer to the stage making for a surreal and energetic experience.

Soaking in the energy, vibes and all that Lime Cordiale express, it is arguably the best country club you’ll ever go to.

Photos by Harrison Frater