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‘MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE …’: an energetic yet emotional rollercoaster

maybe in another life by easy life cassette in front of a set of speakers. The front of the cassette features a pink three story house with a red roof.

English alternative indie pop band, easy life, encompass all that life throws at you in their latest studio album, ‘MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE…

The Leicester band tap into their eccentric and funky vibes once more with their second studio album that characterises their maturity following their success of their debut album released in May 2021, ‘life’s a beach’.

With the unique and dynamic nature of easy life’s music, the genre-blending band mix indie rock and pop with hip-hop, jazz and psychedelic electronica, to evoke a style of music that will certainly appeal to any listener.

With the founding member and leading vocalist of the band, Murray Matrevers, leading the way, the young band tap into what is like to live in the post-lockdown society and how to traverse through life’s ups and downs.

Collaborating with artists such as BENEE, Kevin Abstract and Gus Dapperton, it invites new and exciting elements to easy life’s already dynamic style of music.

maybe in another life by easy life pink and purple cassette sitting on tracklist of album

The album doesn’t skip a beat in exposing you to the themes of the album, with the first song “GROWING PAINS” highlighting the relationships of the past, whether they be romantic or friendships, and the reflection of how these relationships have come and gone.

The conversational yet confrontational undertones of the lyrics make the listener reflect on how they have evolved and the decisions and regrets that may have led to where they are today.

While at the same time providing a head-nodding groove that encapsulates the upbeat nature of their nostalgic and alternative manner of their music.

Say you need time, wanna switch up
And change lanes
It's only growing pains
You've been the only one since day one
Since the beginning and the dawn of creation
GROWING PAINS, easy life, Track 2

As the album progresses, it is apparent that the band is maturing their music into deeper synths and harder hitting lyrics that trigger a deeper reflection of one’s development as a human.

Their next album on the track focusses on the reminiscent nature of young naivety, going to nightclubs and bars in the aim of distracting oneself from outside pressures in their lives.

I feel the wheels coming off
I think I had a little too much, worry about it later
BASEMENT, easy life, Track 3

Matravers spoke of the double entendre that is the darker edge of getting drunk and washing away all your fears and complications going on in your life but not worrying about it at the time.

“It’s like you haven’t really got your shit together, and you’re going out and partying to remedy or forget about that. It’s a big part of British culture: We don’t talk about how we feel. Instead, we get pissed and then it spills out in these drunken slurs that you are forgiven for, and you can blame on being intoxicated”, Matravers told Apple Music.

In their first song written for the album and where the title came about, “DEAR MISS HOLLOWAYfeaturing BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract is an exquisite showcase of their unique and distinctive style of music. 

The word delivery brings about a rawness and emotional intimacy to the lyrics, juxtaposing the jazzy instrumental bringing about a mellow vibe that provides for easy listening.

“DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY” is a standout track of the album, touching on the ideas of reflecting on past relationships and how he, Matravers, processed his feelings and experiences of being in love with his former teacher.

Maybe in another life
We can try and roll the dice, and get it right
'Cause when there's no one else in sight
Can't help but think that we might get it right
DEAR MISS HOLLOWAY, easy life, Track 4

Another one of their signature tracks on the album is “OTT” which features New Zealand singer and songwriter, BENEE.

OTT is another song on the album that provides a double entendre with an uplifting and enlightening flow and melody, but the lyrics touch on addiction and how saddening it can be. OTT, an abbreviation for being “over the top”, talks about the prevalence of addiction in our lives creating a compelling contrast with the quick and melodic energy it provides.

“We all encounter addiction in our lives, and it’s the saddest illness I’ve ever come across. It’s one where it’s too raw to put it down in its entirety. So, we just try and make people smile while doing so”, said Matravers.

You're way too OTT, wish you'd go slowly
I think you've had quite enough
Time to get back on the bus
You ought to keep it low-key, you were too close to OD
I only tell you out of love
Just try to keep your head above water
OTT, easy life, Track 5
maybe in another life by easy life art from cassette

As the listener is seamlessly navigated through the album, the emotional resonance of all the songs work towards a collective relatability reminiscing on life experiences and how it made the person you are today.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, with the album touching on empowerment and a glass-half full energy (the opportunistic “SILVER LININGS”) as Matravers sings about the small victories in life, “Opportunities come and go like cheap drinks”.

Combined with the conventional love song of “MORAL SUPPORT” (which is unlike easy life), it grasps the reader with self-reflection on their support network and how you are special and valued by many people around you.

So when
The sun is shining down upon your face
Don’t feel out of place
That's where you belong
MORAL SUPPORT, easy life, Track 10

The final song on the album, “FORTUNE COOKIE” is one of the more influential and close to home tracks of the album, touching on mental health and the powers of music to convey messages you never knew you could.

In a song that conquers the fears of having courageous conversation with mates, it can be overcome by writing a song that can have an impact on someone in various ways.

“There’s certain things you can say in a song that you can’t really say to your mate in the pub. And music has a funny way of saying a thousand things with just one line. This song really helped us open up the floor, to actually have this conversation as a band.”

Murray Matravers via Apple Music

The inability to traverse through life and all the difficulties it throws at you, easy life finds unique ways to touch on sensitive subjects whilst juxtaposing nostalgia and instrumentation to infectiously compel the listener.

Photos by Harrison Frater