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Low Sensory Hour at the Canberra Handmade Market

Handmade in blue text on a tall and long banner flag. Behind are trees with lovely red, orange and yellow leaves. There are two speakers on a grey post in the background.

I arrived at EPIC at 9 A.M. on a Sunday morning. It was a rainy day and I was able to escape the bustle of the crowd during the Low Sensory Hour at the Canberra Handmade Market. The Handmade Market provided a safe and inclusive environment for individuals who preferred a quiet shopping experience.

The Low Sensory Shopping Hour was open for everyone. It was especially accommodating for those with autism, sensory sensitivities, mobility difficulties and the elderly.

At the Handmade Market you can expect to find a variety of Australian made products ranging from homewares, jewellery, clothing, accessories and much more.

I was greeted with a warm smile by the stall-holders at every stall I visited. There weren’t many people around, and I wasn’t met with any strong smells, of course apart from the aromatherapy ones (which smelt amazing). But that was also kept at a minimum, not very noticeable unless you were directly standing in front of the air diffusers. 

People standing and looking at stall items inside the EPIC venue.

Also, for those who prefer to shop with no loud music on in the background, The Low Sensory Hour is the place for you!

It was so easy to browse around each stall without having to squeeze through a crowd of people. When it’s this quiet, you have more time to connect with each stall-holder and have a chat with them about their beautifully crafted items. Here were some of my favourites.

Adele Macer Ceramics
Ceramic homewares in neutral colours. Most cylinder designs, with funky circular shapes. There’s a grey lemon squeezer in the bottom left.

Adele’s ceramic homewares are functional ware for everyday use. The minimalist design of these caught my eye right away. I love how simple the design is, yet would make for a great statement decor piece. The marshmallow mugs are super cute too! 

Ceramic homeware mugs. Shaped in a circular design. White, pink and grey in colour.
Focus Folding

This was the first stall I viewed and it set the scene for the rest! I love how intricate the Focus Folding’s origami jewellery is and you could tell that all the pieces were made with love.

Origami earrings and necklaces. Designs of butterflies, turtles and geometric shapes. Two earring sets displayed on a small metal stand, placed on top a white half hexagon shape with a mirror underneath. There are flowers alongside the displays.
Little Hurricane Co

These jewellery pieces are inspired by Australian nature. Handcrafted with eco-friendly materials. I liked the vibrant colours and the way that each piece has its own unique design with Australian flora.

Earrings, bracelets and necklaces with vibrant green, yellow, pink and orange colours. All of the jewellery has flowers and plants coated inside it.

This was my first time experiencing a low sensory shopping hour. Considering markets are usually packed with crowds, loud background noises, bright lights and a strong aroma of food and coffee, this was a completely different experience. As an introvert that prefers a less stimulating environment while shopping, The Low Sensory Hour at the Handmade Markets didn’t disappoint. I hope to see other markets follow along and provide customers with an enjoyably stress free experience.

I highly recommend The Low Sensory Hour at the Handmade Market. It is the place to be for anyone that likes to take their time and peacefully browse in a less crowded and quieter space while shopping.