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‘Coming on Strong’: Interplanetary Criminal’s sequel EP to B.O.T.A.

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In mid 2022 I feel like any time you turned on the radio you would hear Baddest of them All (B.O.T.A.) by Interplanetary Criminal and Eliza Rose. Even those that weren’t aware of Interplanetary Criminal and his previous music were infatuated by this song. It even secured the 2nd place spot in Triple J’s 2023 Hottest 100 countdown. With his worldwide popularity at an all-time high, the release of his EP ‘Coming on Strong’ was Interplanetary Criminal’s chance to continue his growth.

With a huge array of music already out, I was not sure what to expect when this EP was released. Though on the first listen, hearing that he had stuck to his UK Garage roots meant that it was going to be good.

Two Interplanetary songs loaded into DJ software, there are colourful soundwaves visible on the screen and the name of a few of his tracks below these soundwaves on the screen also.
A dive into the ‘Coming on Strong’ EP

Starting the EP with ‘Gangster Time’ I think was the right call. Although it has that signature garage drumline it is not an overwhelming start, catering to the more casual fans. Using Killa P as the MC on this song makes it feel closer to a grime track than a stereotypical garage song. This is a nice touch for an opening track to an EP. It leaves the audience feeling excited to hear what he has in store next as it’s not too overwhelming.

Following up is probably my favourite song on the EP, ‘MC Tip’. Teaming up with his partner in Crime Mainphase, these two produce a song I wouldn’t normally expect from them. But I was genuinely impressed with what they managed to put together.

At some point in the EP I was expecting a feature from typical garage wobble bass, and I’m glad it came up early. The wobbly bassline makes you feel like you’re at a rave surrounded by subwoofers at every angle. Whilst the slowed down BPM has you thinking about what’s to come.

‘Beat Work’ is probably my least favourite song on this EP and that is saying something. Though I still really like it. If you have never listened to Interplanetary Criminal’s music, this is what I would describe as the most typical of his music on the EP. With the lack of feature or collaboration, Interplanetary Criminal really came into his own here.

Producing a track with a groovy bassline and a catching melody that gets stuck in your head, I was really impressed by this song. Saying this is my least favourite song on the EP but still being unable to point out any genuine flaws with it speaks volumes as to how good this EP truly is.

Interplanetary Criminal closes out the EP with the title track, ‘Coming on Strong’. The only thing I was disappointed about in the EP up till here was the lack of speed garage. ‘Coming on Strong’ removed all my concerns. With speed garage being a much easier listen comparatively to garage for an average listener, I am glad he included this track. This is the song from the album that I believe will keep people coming back for more.

Needing to get this EP right after such an influx of fans due to B.O.T.A’s success, I am so glad that he pulled it off. My only issue with the EP is that it was too short, I was left wanting more. Interplanetary Criminal produced a piece of art that I know he will grow from, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for him.