2022 Sound Stories

ACT cat containment laws

Top left bird on fence. Right two cats on a green sheet in bed  Bottom left two birds on blue wooden fence
Even well fed housecats will hunt. RSPCA ACT Care Manager Paul Yates says that hunger has nothing to do with it (Photos by Coquohalla Conner)

Cats have been loved by humans for thousands of years.

They were first domesticated in China to handle pests, but in Australia, cats have become a pest themselves.

A single housecat can be responsible for 186 native animal deaths a year.

If they’re fat white fluffy pet cats or straggly strays; the unfortunate truth is that cats have a hugely negative impact on Australia’s native wildlife.

Canberra is at the forefront of change.

From July 2022 newly purchased cats will have to be contained to their owners homes. Why is this and will it help regenerate native wildlife?