2023 National Multicultural Festival

Student journalists standing in front of the UCFM stall holding a 'The Owl' sign

After a three-year hiatus thanks to COVID-19, the National Multicultural Festival returned to Canberra in 2023. Based on impressive preliminary visitor numbers, Canberrans had clearly been hanging out for what is undoubtedly one of the best events on the capital’s calendar.

And The Owl was there!

Eight members of the team slipped, slopped and slapped to defend themselves against the scorching temps, and worked at the festival throughout the weekend.

From a mobile studio at the official UCFM stall, we produced over three hours of energetic live radio which was broadcast live from 11 A.M. on Sunday.

The show featured interviews with ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, Jay Laga’aia and James Morrison, along with countless other performers, stallholders and punters.

Student journalist posting with Jay Lagaaia in front of the UCFM stall

If three hours of radio is a bit too much and you’d prefer a single highlight excerpt, here’s the interview with Chief Minister Barr:

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr being interviewed on UCFM

Or settle in with a very large cup of coffee and listen to the full program:

(Note: commercial music from the original UCFM broadcast has been removed from this recording)

Student journalists posing with microphones and meat on a stick