Canberra’s own beautiful game

One look at Canberra United’s powerchair training session is all you need to realise that the beautiful game changes people’s lives. Inside you’ll find a group of athletes like no other, smiling and laughing while living their dreams of playing the sport they love. These aren’t your typical football players; they can’t just lace up their boots and run onto the court, in fact, no one runs at all in this sport, and you don’t need boots to play. This is Powerchair Football.Continue readingCanberra’s own beautiful game

Can’t stop the POP: Canberra man’s small business journey

A man with an “eclectic background”, Gabe Trew, founder of POP Canberra, has always had a love for all things music. But on his first practical lesson, he realised teaching wasn’t for him. After seeing his friends raving about body scrubs, Gabe realised he’d found a new career. “I started off with making those products, and then I thought it might be cool to sell them somewhere that’s not a market”.Continue readingCan’t stop the POP: Canberra man’s small business journey

Return of the record: vinyl’s comeback

In a world where you can access anything you want in the matter of seconds, you wouldn’t think physical formats of music would be doing too great … but you’d be wrong. Vinyl records are outselling CDs in the USA for the first time since 1987.Continue readingReturn of the record: vinyl’s comeback

Car-killing kerbs on the coast? 

On this week’s episode, Anthony, Josh and Zac preview what is shaping up to be a pivotal weekend in the Supercars Championship at the Gold Coast 500, and have a chat about Formula One and MotoGP.Continue readingCar-killing kerbs on the coast? 

2023 Semester 2 – Week 13 – LIVE at UCBarx

In this week’s show, the entire Hear Owl About It team broadcasts LIVE from UCBarx to farewell three of The Owl Production Team’s OGs. And on The Perch is AmplifyCBR’s News Director, Lewis Haskew.Continue reading2023 Semester 2 – Week 13 – LIVE at UCBarx

No-castle 500

On this week’s episode, Josh, Anthony, and Zac react to the shock news of the Newcastle 500’s cancellation for 2024, with our resident Novocastrians about as salty as the Newcastle Ocean Baths.Continue readingNo-castle 500

2023 Semester 2 – Week 12

In this week’s show, Lila Greyling, Ben Devlin and Haidyn Vecera learn live on air the difference between and state and a territory, and categorise the entire African animal kingdom.Continue reading2023 Semester 2 – Week 12

Little wins, big impacts

The team is down by a point. One basket, that’s all they need to win the game. There’s less than 30 seconds on the clock, and suddenly, 9-year-old Kayla (a pseudonym) finds the basketball in her hands. She freezes. Up until now, it’s been a blur of pink-laced shoes squeaking up and down the hard wood floor.Continue readingLittle wins, big impacts

Canberra: a skateboarding city?

Over the last decade, Canberra’s reputation as a skateboarding city has declined. With the city growing and promises continually broken, the skateboarding community can’t help but feel they’re being neglected.Continue readingCanberra: a skateboarding city?

Connecting through Trading Card Games

Social connection can be found in the nerdiest of places, such as a vibrant and inclusive trading card community within Canberra.Continue readingConnecting through Trading Card Games