Today’s solution and tomorrow’s problem

When Matt Dutkiewicz was hospitalised after fighting the 2003 bushfires at Uriarra Crossing, he thought his brother had died trying to save the family home in Duffy. Now, as Matt reflects on his experience of the fires nearly 20 years on, the ACT Government is considering further expansion of the same western edge he saw burn in 2003 to grapple with the unfolding housing crisis in Canberra.Continue readingToday’s solution and tomorrow’s problem

The 2003 Canberra bushfires: how do we remember them?

On 18 January, 2003, many lost their homes and for some, the ones they loved the most. The Canberra bushfires were devastating and saw the destruction of livelihoods and nature. With those left to pick up the pieces and gain the courage to stand up again. Since then, many have rebuilt, trees have been panted, animals have come and gone, while the remnants of memories live on. How have we recognised, remembered, and reflected on these events?Continue readingThe 2003 Canberra bushfires: how do we remember them?