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The Owl College 2023: introduction to online storytelling

The Owl College participants posing in the UCFM studio holding a The Owl sign
Nine year 11 and 12 students from Canberra and regional NSW. Two days of workshops at UC. One room full of talent and drive. A whole bunch of great storytelling.

What better way to get a taste of university than to roll up your sleeves and do some?

Participants in this year’s The Owl College course were challenged to produce a story around the theme of “a moment that changed a life”. In workshop one, we developed our interviewing and photography skills, and talked about how everyone has a great story to tell.

A The Owl College participant typing on their laptop against a blue wall in the background

Students were then tasked with identifying an interesting subject and conducting an interview before they returned to campus. In addition to a full interview transcript, they needed to come prepared with a selection of photographs that would help tell the story.

And didn’t the team deliver! In workshop two we all worked together to turn everyone’s amazing raw material into fully formed stories for The Owl.

A laptop computer screen displaying a draft story on The Owl

But don’t just take the word of a disembodied voice without a byline. Let’s hear directly from these future journalists and communicators, because of course they jumped into the UCFM studios and produced themselves a little program!

Two students sitting behind microphones in the UCFM studio
A student speaking into a microphone in the UCFM studio

And so, without further ado, here’s a selection of the fantastic stories that our 2023 The Owl College graduates produced. Enjoy!

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The Owl College is a collaboration between the University of Canberra Journalism and Sports Media programs, and secondary schools in Canberra the Capital Region.