Drag performers become political targets as anti-queer hate ramps up

Australia’s drag community knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of hate. But recently, they’ve been at the centre of a political storm. Over the past six months, bigoted and sometimes violent threats have led to the cancellation of dozens of queer events across the country, a dramatic shift for a nation with a long history of drag in the cultural mainstream.Continue readingDrag performers become political targets as anti-queer hate ramps up

Little wins, big impacts

The team is down by a point. One basket, that’s all they need to win the game. There’s less than 30 seconds on the clock, and suddenly, 9-year-old Kayla (a pseudonym) finds the basketball in her hands. She freezes. Up until now, it’s been a blur of pink-laced shoes squeaking up and down the hard wood floor.Continue readingLittle wins, big impacts

Canberra: a skateboarding city?

Over the last decade, Canberra’s reputation as a skateboarding city has declined. With the city growing and promises continually broken, the skateboarding community can’t help but feel they’re being neglected.Continue readingCanberra: a skateboarding city?

Connecting through Trading Card Games

Social connection can be found in the nerdiest of places, such as a vibrant and inclusive trading card community within Canberra.Continue readingConnecting through Trading Card Games

The pelvic health awakening

For many women, discussing the topic of our bodies’ reproductive system is not something that arises in casual coffee conversation. Instead, it’s often a subject confined to private discussions behind closed doors. But what if this taboo were to change?Continue readingThe pelvic health awakening