The Locker Room: A League of Their Own

In this NRL episode of The Locker Room, Adina Brown, Patrick Gaynor and Ethan Perry look at the dangers of the rapid growth of the women’s competition, and they work over that contentious issue of who’s eligible for State-of-Origin football.Continue readingThe Locker Room: A League of Their Own

The Locker Room: Trading Places

In this episode of the Locker Room, Ely Corliss, Tom Desborough and Robbie Stewart dissect the big issues from the AFL trade period.Continue readingThe Locker Room: Trading Places

The Locker Room: the World Game

In this edition of The Locker Room, Sonia Emanuel, Lachlan Fields and Matthew Williams discuss the major issues in the world of football. From the much-anticipated and equally contentious World Cup in Qatar, to the good and bad of the Australian game.Continue readingThe Locker Room: the World Game