Gender identity and pronouns

This episode of TACT is about gender identity and pronouns. Jen Seyderhelm’s guest is Dr Vik Fraser, Executive Director of A Gender Agenda. Jen and Vik talk about being intersex or endosex, why it isn’t up to you to dead name someone, unisex toilets, how to approach pronoun conversations, the four steps to being an active bystander, and how we can be an ally with members of the LGBTIQA+ community.Continue readingGender identity and pronouns

Contraception, pregnancy and babies

In this episode of TACT, Jen is joined by Senior Learning Co-ordinator for CCCares, Susan Johnson, to talk about contraception, pregnancy and having a baby.Continue readingContraception, pregnancy and babies

Respectful relationships

In this episode of TACT, Jen is joined by Dr Sheridan Kerr, who is a Senior Director at Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT, to talk about how to build and maintain respectful relationships with the people in our lives.Continue readingRespectful relationships

Mental health, wellbeing and resilience

This week’s episode of TACT is about mental health, wellbeing and resilience. The trait of resilience is embodied by Jen’s guest in this episode, Alone Australia’s Dr Kate Grarock. Kate is an ecologist, hiker, superstar of STEM, mum and YouTube creator.Continue readingMental health, wellbeing and resilience


Let’s talk about sex. In this episode of TACT, Jen is joined by Dr Kym Robinson to get to the heart of those topics many of us think of as too intimate or embarrassing to discuss.Continue readingSex

Body image

Jen’s guest for this body image episode is Dr Vivienne Lewis, a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in the treatment of people with body image issues and eating disorders.Continue readingBody image

Being an advocate for yourself

Many people often feel intimidated, confused and overwhelmed when visiting their doctor and navigating the healthcare system. In this episode, Jen Seyderhelm is joined by TACT collaborator Jodie Kirkness to talk about how you can be your own best health advocate.Continue readingBeing an advocate for yourself

Season preview

In this TACT season preview, Jen chats with University of Canberra students at a Faculty of Arts and Design morning tea about sex, dating, bodies, pronouns and more! The first full episode of TACT will hit your podcast feed in a couple of weeks.Continue readingSeason preview