2022 Christmas things that aren’t really Christmas-y

In this final episode for 2022, Lara, Maddi and Lila count down 12 of their favourite Christmas things that aren’t really Christmas-y. Because why shouldn’t every day feel like Christmas?Continue reading2022 Christmas things that aren’t really Christmas-y

2022 lessons learned

In today’s episode, Maddi, Lara and Lila open their hearts and discuss the lessons they learned in 2022.Continue reading2022 lessons learned

2022 events

In today’s episode, Lara, Maddi and Lila travel down memory lane to revisit some of the events they experienced and enjoyed during the year.Continue reading2022 events

2022 The Owl stories

On today’s episode, Lila, Lara and Maddi scroll through our very own website and share 12 The Owl stories that stood out to them this year.Continue reading2022 The Owl stories

2022 news stories

12 Things is The Owl’s annual year-in-review show, looking back at the past twelve months and reflecting on the highs and the lows. In each episode, we count down twelve of our favourite things across categories such as news, The Owl stories, events, and lessons learned. On this first episode for 2022, let’s travel back in time through sport, politics and population growth for our top news stories of the year.Continue reading2022 news stories