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Place your order and let our team cook you up a serving of news, sport, current affairs and chat. Long Brunch is an occasional series of live broadcasts on UCFM, brought to you by The Owl.

Note: Commercial music from the UCFM broadcast has been removed from these recordings

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Monday 27 March, 2023

Zac, Sarah, Haidyn and Grace posing in the UCFM studio

On today’s menu cooked up by Haidyn Vecera, Grace Dudley, Zac Dowdell and Sarah Grieb:

☕️ News
☕️Youth anxiety
☕️Short film
☕️ Glassworks
☕️ Platypuses
☕️ And more!

Friday 23 September, 2022

Lara, Lila and Anthony

On today’s menu, cooked up by Lila Greyling, Anthony Lewsam and Lara Stimpson:
☕️ News headlines
☕️ UCX
☕️ Country music
☕️ St Sinner
☕️ Sport
☕️ And more!

Wednesday 21 September, 2022

Lara and Amy

On today’s menu, cooked up by Lara Stimpson and Amy Briggs:
☕️ News
☕️ Floorball
☕️ HerCanberra
☕️ Muesli (the band)
☕️ Spicy Lemons (also the band)
☕️ And more!

Tuesday 20 September, 2022

Long Brunch Tuesday team

On today’s menu, cooked up by Ben Signor, Jasmine Burns, Andrew Liang and Josh Groch:
☕️ News headlines
☕️ Graduation
☕️ The Supernerd
☕️ NRL finals
☕️ PIRaNaS
☕️ And more!

Monday 19 September, 2022

The Long Brunch production team

On today’s menu, cooked up by Maddi Green, Josh Groch, Lila Greyling and Jasmine Burns:
☕️ News headlines
☕️ Floriade
☕️ Gymnastics
☕️ The royals
☕️ Urban Rec
☕️ And more!