Listening to Canberra Voices

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Listening to Canberra Voices is a podcast series focused on the experiences and perspectives of Canberra’s diverse community. Armed with this broad brief, students set out to find and interview residents of Canberra across demographics, starting conversations and exploring the richness that diversity brings to the city.

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Adina’s Story

In this first episode of Listening to Canberra Voices, Kelsang Dolkar and Ethan Perry speak with Adina Brown, a current Sports Media student at the University of Canberra. In the interview we unpack Adina’s childhood in Sydney, the difficult decision she made to move to Canberra for university, and the incredible achievements she has made since her move. We learn about the power and strength Adina finds in her Aboriginality and the importance of culture, community, and family. Even before the leadership opportunities she has undertaken in Canberra, Adina was a fierce advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and a role model for those who find culture to be a powerful tool. Adina hopes her story can inspire other students here at UC, and the broader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, to become involved in the many opportunities that our Canberra community offers.

Listening to Canberra Voices
Listening to Canberra Voices
Adina’s story