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Think you know the news? The Owl will be the judge of that. Tune in as our rotating roster of student journalists quiz each other about what’s happening and play some tunes while they Google the answers.

Note: Commercial music from the UCFM broadcast has been removed from these recordings

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2023 Semester 1

Week 6

In this episode, Lila Greyling, Zac Dowdell and Ben Signor check in on AI’s progress towards The Singularity and argue about whether it’s ‘soccah’ or ‘football’. And on The Perch with Maddi Green is Lecturer in Sports Media, Dr Jessie Wilkie.

Week 5

In this episode, Ben Signor, Maddi Green and Zac Dowdell talk MAFS, cricket and why Ben was recently detained by campus security. And on The Perch is Professor of Affective Computing at the Faculty of Science & Technology, Roland Goecke.

Week 4

In this episode, Lila Greyling, Maddi Green and Ruby Thomas try to work out how both bus tickets and studio headphones work. And on The Perch with Ben Signor is Dr Zeena Alsamarra’i answering questions about digital business transformation.

Week 3

In this episode, Amy Briggs, Ben Signor and Jasmine Burns get ChatGPT to write one of their back-announces which is so good it basically makes Ben redundant. And on The Perch is Associate Professor Michael Walsh answering questions about sociology.

Week 2

In this episode, Lila Greyling, Amy Briggs and Maddi Green do crime, pack in entertainment, and unpack science. And on The Perch with Anthony Lewsam is the Faculty of Arts and Design’s Work Integrated Learning Manager, Jo Washington-King.

Week 1

In this episode, Maddi Green, Ben Signor and Amy Briggs are back from summer holidays but in a complete shock to absolutely nobody it seems they left all their good jokes at the beach. And on The Perch with Anthony Lewsam is UCFM’s new Station Manager, Rach White.

2022 Semester 2

Week 13 – LIVE at The Well

In this final episode for 2022, the entire team broadcasts live from The Well to take their tired in-jokes for one last spin. And on The Perch is Manager of The Well, Hamish.

Week 12

In this episode, Maddi Green, Ben Signor and Lila Greyling forget how to count and forget to play a song. And on The Perch with Anthony Lewsam is Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies, Shara Ranasinghe.

Week 11

In this episode, Lila Greyling, Ben Signor and Maddi Green double up on some questions and forget to write others. And on The Perch with Amy Briggs is Assistant Professor in Digital Art and Humanities, Denise Thwaites.

Week 10

In this episode, Amy Briggs, Maddi Green and Ben Signor spend a lot of time discussing reality TV and which show they should audition for. And on The Perch with Lila Greyling is Faculty of Arts and Design Lecturer, Rachel Campbell.

Week 9

In this episode, Ben Signor, Liam Mulhall and Maddi Green try to get their brains back in the game after the mid-semester teaching break. And on The Perch with Anthony Lewsam is Lecturer in Sports Media, Simon Brady.

Week 7

In this episode, Lila Greyling, Maddi Green and Liam Mulhall go live to air for the very first time and don’t even need to use the dump button. (Maybe they’re getting good at this?) And on The Perch is Associate Professor David Nolan.

Week 6

In this episode, Liam Mulhall, Lila Greyling and Maddi Green talk about their pet peeves, make a prank call, and ask some questions almost as an afterthought. And on The Perch is journalism lecturer, Natalie Larkins.

Week 5

In this episode, Maddi Green and Lila Greyling try to fit some questions in while Ben Signor isn’t singing or answering his phone on air. And on The Perch is Lecturer in Communication and Media, David Spencer.

Week 4

In this episode, Ben Signor, Liam Mulhall and Maddi Green compete to see who can tell the worst joke. And on The Perch is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design, Jason Bainbridge.

Week 3

In this episode, Maddi GreenBen Signor and Liam Mulhall spend too much time discussing bubble tea instead of quizzing each other. And on The Perch is Professor Glen Fuller.

Week 2

In this episode, Amy Briggs, Maddi Green and Ben Signor steal each other’s questions and mourn the passing of Olivia Newton-John. And on The Perch is Associate Professor Caroline Fisher.

Week 1

In this episode, Ben Signor, Maddi Green and Amy Briggs get stumped about science, entertainment, general news and more. And on The Perch is Lecturer in Communication and Media, Scott Bridges.